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某知名外资包装设备公司招聘Account & Admin Assistant

薪资待遇:8K-10K 五险一金+补充医疗


1Bookkeeping, analysis reports, budget analysis, expenses controls记帐,财务报告分析,预算分析,费用控制

2Performs the reconciliation of bank account statements against the book figures.根据银行对帐单调节财务报表。

3Preparation of cheques, TT payments, and payments to local and overseas creditors as well as between banks.准备支票,国内外电汇及银行付款

4Vets through all invoices, delivery notes before assigning payment schedules.根据付款计划审查发票,发货单。

5Preparation of payment vouchers, payments schedules. 填写付款单及付款计划。

6Handles petty cash and the petty cash accounts.处理现金日记帐

7Maintain healthy cash flow in the company.保持公司正常的现金流。

8Controlling inter company receivables.监控公司应收款项

9Prepare and organize the physical inventory count组织实物盘点。

10Assists in the preparation of monthly and yearly financial reports to be reported to a Finance Manager in Malaysia.帮助准备提供给马来西亚财务经理的月度及年度财务报表。

11Prepares the relevant tax payment to the tax bureau at month end. 月末向税务付税。

Monitors staff attendance, leave records, staff travel advances and staff claims. 记录员工出勤,请假,员工出差备用金及员工报销

12Prepares monthly payroll and submission of insurances or any provident funds to the relevant authorities on time. 准备每月工资表,向相关机构及时提交各类保险及储备金。

13Prepare and consolidate files and documents related to export准备出口相关的文件和对帐表

14Prepare the vendor reconciliation on monthly basis. Communicate with vendor as well as cross function department if necessary准备每月供应商对帐表,需要时联系供应商。

15Assist managers on different subjects (communications, documents, travels).帮助经理处理其他事物(沟通,文件,出差)

16To carry out any other duties that maybe assigned to you by the management from time to time.完成经理安排的其他工作内容

17Collection and pasting of invoices, the bank remittance slips and bank statements, check stubs, and other supporting documents related to cost, expenses and revenues.收集粘贴发票,银行汇款水单,银行对帐单,

18Issuing fapiao to clients after receiving the payment收到货款后向客户开具发票

19Purchase of invoice from the tax bureau 税务局购买发票

20Validation of input VAT fapiao for deduction purpose审核用于抵税的增值税发票

21Activation of relevant IC card for tax declaration and fapiao machine,激活及使用保税相关的IC卡及发票机


1Excellent English listening, reading, writing and speaking.英语听说读写流利( TOEIC 780 at least)

2Accountant license会计资格证书

3Familiar with financial and tax laws and account regulations熟悉财务及税务制度

4Good communication skills team work spirit,.Self-motivated,hard-worker,a strong sense of responsibility and detail-oriented良好的沟通能力及团队合作精神,积极主动,责任心强,注重细节

5Computer literate and must be proficient in using Microsoft office software especially excel. 6Able to adapt easily to any accounting software. 熟练使用办公软件,特别是Excel。有能力快速使用其他财务软件